Shenzhen Juhui Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China. It will be the parent company of Juhui Technology Canada Ltd. The Canadian company will be a scale-up from the successful Chinese parent company.


Shenzhen Juhui Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech training and education company dedicated to teaching and training in robotics, system integration, light-current equipment, and electromechanical equipment and computer subjects. The company provides teaching equipment, instruments and tools, laboratory equipment, etc. The company's teaching equipment, with a good selection of materials and a complete range of products, is the first choice for national undergraduate colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, training centers, vocational education centers and other schools in China.

Our clients in China include University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen University, Bohai University, Chongqing University of Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology and other vocational schools, colleges and universities. Our industrial clients include Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, Mitsubishi and other respected brands. We provide customers with world-class educational equipment and services. The company‘s integrity management, excellent quality, and thoughtful service are its core competitive advantages. Over the years the company gained a reputation and established relationship with local teachers, parents, schools, colleges and vocational training centers in China.

Shenzhen Juhui Tiancheng Technology Co’s training products cover the following professional applications:
•      Industrial robot training,
•      Makeblock robot training,
•      Intelligent building experimental training,
•      Electrical and electronic electrical training,
•      Maintenance electrician training,
•      Machine tool circuit training,
•      Refrigeration and home appliances training,
•      PLC programming training,
•      Energy and power training,
•      Mechanical training,
•      Welder and fitter training,
•      Multimedia information technology training,
•      Car maintenance training,
•      Elevator maintenance training,
•      Rail transit training.
Shenzhen Juhui Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong technical team, advanced educational tools, superb and time-tested educational and training methodologies that results in highest quality of education and educational and professional achievement of the trainees. The parent company has proven itself by being able educational tools and methodologies to meet the needs of its different client. The parent company will use the same approach to the Canadian clients and target audience – schoolchildren and teenagers. A key advantage of the parent is the ability to combine and customize educational tools and methodologies in such a way that meets the needs of the trainees of different ages and educational backgrounds.
Parent company focuses education by using workstations of industrial robots. It plans to expand this business in Canada by developing STEAM Education Centre that will use the elements of robot training adapted to the kids and teenagers. In time, Juhui Technology Canada Ltd. will also be offering robotic training in Canada. Juhui Technology Canada Ltd will be created in order to reach those goals. There are successful cases and business model in China and the Parent company will copy the business model in Canada slightly adapting the content of the educational programs to meet the needs of young Canadians.

Currently, the educational content and programs are created by the engineers and educators employed by Shenzhen Juhui Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. based on the robotic equipment manufacturers’ operation, maintenance and programming manuals (e.g. ABB, KUKA, FANUC and other manufacturers). We design and develop different simulation scenarios and adjust and develop courses that meet the teaching needs of the educational institutions, experts and students. We use the feedback of our users to continuously improve our courses.
In Canada, the educational content will be adapted to the supplied robotic kits, software and tools by the Canadian company management and 3rd party educators. The company will hire those educators to help to adapt the programs to the Canadian educational curriculums.  We will start with using two robotic kits and tools: mTiny ( and mBot ( They are designed and manufactured by  Makeblock, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. As of September 2019, the total number of global users of Makeblock has exceeded 10 million, including 6,000 French primary and secondary schools (i.e. the curriculum is available in French). Based on the feedback of the teachers and students, the educational content will be continuously improved by using STEM educational software and graphical and code programming platform.