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What is the vision for the venture?

Through establishing its STEAM Education Centre in Canada, Juhui Technology Canada Ltd. will help Canadian kids and teenagers to develop professional skills of a new industrial era and be well-prepared for these socio-economic and technology challenges.

Creativity and science are two keywords that will help level down social disparity and drive our society to a prosperous future. STEAM is a comprehensive approach to education. It is a multidisciplinary integration of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Robotics is an essential part of the 4th industrial revolution (known as Industry 4.0). It will grow rapidly in the next 20 years. Jobs with pick-and-place functions will disappear. New capabilities to operate, program, control, and manage robots and automation systems will become regular and must-have requirements for new jobs.

Our big idea is to provide a young generation of Canadians with skills wanted in XXI century.